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Savage_Pupsy _YT
Savage_Pupsy _YT Uur geleden
I found to lamas on top of each other!! In a Arena Game. And in the same day I found too lamas 125 meters apart of each other
Savage_Pupsy _YT
Savage_Pupsy _YT Uur geleden
And I also got a golden p90 from the slurp Jonsey
Harry _PLAYZ
Harry _PLAYZ 2 uur geleden
How do you send my vids to you
Chu Chu G
Chu Chu G 2 uur geleden
Epic games: due to an issue we have disabled storm
Tygyz 2 uur geleden
7:22 that happened to me to
Cyan Crewmate
Cyan Crewmate 2 uur geleden
"Look how they massacred my boy"
Ryan Gush
Ryan Gush 3 uur geleden
Nothing will beat the classic bo1 bo2 1v1s
D0nalduck7 Channel
D0nalduck7 Channel 3 uur geleden
Please I want you check my channel
DANIEL 123 3 uur geleden
I removed that old slurp factory where chuggus was like destroyed it with my harvesting tool cuz i dont like it
Senija Girgensone
Senija Girgensone 3 uur geleden
I mean his voice is just cute. But his words and stuff like that is just too far.
HAVY 4 uur geleden
Wow 😱🥺🥺🥺
Lucas Carvalho Cordeiro
the last one happened to me like 3 times
ZU3E 4 uur geleden
What happened to your old vids they were funny asf😂😂
Boy vs Girl
Boy vs Girl 5 uur geleden
the last clip that happend to me alot
Hassan Alhusseini
Hassan Alhusseini 5 uur geleden
The storm glitch also happened to me
cy_YT 6 uur geleden
Did you guys know if you land in a big bush when falling, you don’t take fall damage?
RadiationNeon YT
RadiationNeon YT 6 uur geleden
Peter Steele
Peter Steele 7 uur geleden
What chance do kids have with parents like this?
POG RyZe 7 uur geleden
That raptor and wolf clip doe😂
Giovanni Acosta
Giovanni Acosta 7 uur geleden
That wasn’t the tire world record me and my friend stacked 10
theslayerboy 7 uur geleden
2:12 now, now...🤭😒
Games Assaffah
Games Assaffah 7 uur geleden
Code BCC, BCC are the best ❤❤❤❤❤
Rafaele Dano
Rafaele Dano 7 uur geleden
I was playing fornite causally and then talk to Rex joensy and got a gold pump
Froztyy 7 uur geleden
day 5 of getting famous off of youtube comments so I can be living the dream later ✌️❤️
Hugh Penner
Hugh Penner 8 uur geleden
How tf could you want pleasant removed? Must’ve started two seasons ago
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ 8 uur geleden
Really? 2 now
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ 8 uur geleden
0:26 that's just glorious
theslayerboy 8 uur geleden
*Dat accent doe*
EmbersOK 8 uur geleden
The tires look insane
GodQuix 8 uur geleden
I had one of those storms
skaterrylan 8 uur geleden
hey guys
Tyrone Barber
Tyrone Barber 9 uur geleden
Gotta bring these back
FUS1ON_ R3X 9 uur geleden
The 2 storms happened because in the spy ltm there is multiple rounds going on at different parts of the map and these two happened to be next to each other
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson 9 uur geleden
I have seen these circles before in knockout shuffle. It was so confusing because we started at coral castle and the storm was even moving to different places. We also got in another 3v3 battle. We lost but then it said we won. My team left anyways.
Madison 7w7
Madison 7w7 10 uur geleden
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster 10 uur geleden
6:45. I find double chests there a lot.
mogul master canada v2
mogul master canada v2 10 uur geleden
0:31 is what ur looking for use code bcc and have a great day🥰
Wes McCullough
Wes McCullough 10 uur geleden
0:00 That's my long time friend right there! I play with him everyday! :D
Kate Ramsey
Kate Ramsey 11 uur geleden
Show me the og stuff like the cod songs plz
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores 11 uur geleden
0:55 weird enough, me and my friends encountered a glitch similar to this when we went to coral castle on that ltm. But the storm kept moving and moving until time ran out and we literally went across the whole map with the hand canon load out and I gotta say, it was the most fun we had in a while
Beniamin Zębala
Beniamin Zębala 11 uur geleden
SN 11 uur geleden
Am i decent for a 60fps console player 😇
Adtzy 11 uur geleden
Just got this recommended lets goo
John Keane
John Keane 11 uur geleden
That raptor and wolf clip doe😂
Chicken Little
Chicken Little 11 uur geleden
0:30 is what you came for ! Code BCC in fortnite’s item shop
Ira Robinson
Ira Robinson 11 uur geleden
last one was pubg landing
Daytona Reed
Daytona Reed 11 uur geleden
I N O R I 12 uur geleden
Alphonzo M
Alphonzo M 12 uur geleden
bcc is the best
MIAH FAMILY -_- 12 uur geleden
I think it took a whole hour by the time
ツNxte 12 uur geleden
Fishy on 120 Fps -_-
Fishy on 120 Fps -_- 12 uur geleden
RXZ FN 12 uur geleden
When you had that glitch but didn’t know it could be the main clip
SUBZERO_COMBACT 13 uur geleden
Why zany is back bye bye og😭 Og players 👇🧽
Zabko Gamer
Zabko Gamer 13 uur geleden
Go Playstation
UNTOXS Gaming 13 uur geleden
2:59 That ne no way😀
Sheilla Amaro
Sheilla Amaro 13 uur geleden
But its not first ever you remember in chapter 2 Season 2 or 3 i forgot
PoeticPlayz 13 uur geleden
1:04 am I tripping out or is that fake bc in his pfp in the top left it shows a diff skin
Elf And monk
Elf And monk 13 uur geleden
That happened to me
Patry-Fer 13 uur geleden
DJ Slamdunk
DJ Slamdunk 14 uur geleden
I have had that glich with my squad I’m think that I was the first I just didn’t post it
Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct Goku 14 uur geleden
I see many people are doing the hide on reboot van's with all blue skins trick, it's so funny
HENAFRM808 ! 14 uur geleden
the storm thing happend to me to
Gideon Michael
Gideon Michael 14 uur geleden
Thank you for this video, with just a little instruction I got my friend's password in just some minute thanks to *avelhack on Instagram* for making it successful.
iron demond
iron demond 14 uur geleden
0:49 that happened to my yestreday
Gideon Michael
Gideon Michael 14 uur geleden
Shortly before writing this comment I was looking at the my girlfriend's Instagram chats. I hacked into it through *avelhack* on Instagram
Ds_ Blaze
Ds_ Blaze 14 uur geleden
The two storm circles are only on knockout shuffle bcc
Double Watcher
Double Watcher 15 uur geleden
This happened too
Andriy Sovyetnikov
Andriy Sovyetnikov 15 uur geleden
What's the name of the music???
gurman Mahay
gurman Mahay 15 uur geleden
i also had the two storms 2 times in a game mod edit: if u start in coral castal
rako king
rako king 15 uur geleden
I was playing this game mode with my friend and this happened to me to
ya boii skelly
ya boii skelly 15 uur geleden
Wow, that intro
גיימינג קלאש
He killing someone fk with bow 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Sam Blair
Sam Blair 15 uur geleden
I've also had that storm glitch, it was so confusing
Agent Brooks
Agent Brooks 15 uur geleden
Chosen_ Blahooga
Chosen_ Blahooga 15 uur geleden
lets go! my super sad death is in this video ^_^
CrzyMonkey Bnana
CrzyMonkey Bnana 16 uur geleden
I saw the storm circles thing yesterday
Anjum Ilyas
Anjum Ilyas 16 uur geleden
this happened with me today
Operation Doggo
Operation Doggo 16 uur geleden
0:57 hey its the same guy thats using a skin changer
Joe M
Joe M 16 uur geleden
That storm things happened to me
Yvan Nehme
Yvan Nehme 16 uur geleden
Ther is no new bow