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Jeeping Jesse
Jeeping Jesse 3 uur geleden
Who’s here after they announced his skin release?
Ryder Larcombe
Ryder Larcombe 4 uur geleden
I love this song
MARISOL M 4 uur geleden
2+2=5 *dude I'm going to die right now.*
ALIJAH FRAZIER 5 uur geleden
Ayo seeing this bc the mad Titian is about to come back out
Walker 5 uur geleden
The kid who sounds like he's 300 pounds sounds and has mannerisms exactly like someone in my grade. Absolutely horrible person.
内藤璃空 6 uur geleden
日本人だけど 面白すぎ❕❕❕❕❕
BonFromReality 7 uur geleden
BonFromReality 7 uur geleden
BonFromReality 7 uur geleden
My name jeff
BonFromReality 7 uur geleden
RockyDaRebel 7 uur geleden
Yuri Fernandez
Yuri Fernandez 8 uur geleden
Stop hitting me like it’s part of the game.
exry 8 uur geleden
This dude still makes fn
Lady Deluxe
Lady Deluxe 9 uur geleden
Tanus power
Lady Deluxe
Lady Deluxe 9 uur geleden
Lady is back $$$$$$
Umais cool Pro
Umais cool Pro 10 uur geleden
Where is a for today of 19 jun
Eric Zozio
Eric Zozio 12 uur geleden
0:53 cbgames!!!
Oskari Ahopelto
Oskari Ahopelto 12 uur geleden
i have sis named Sally i love her she is cute and he likes slendy
Lynx 12 uur geleden
1:03 in 2021, they use the Lara Croft dodging
Anna sowa zosia anna Medwediuk
✨amem✨ ✨hopyn tran fan✨
ketrieur 2.0
ketrieur 2.0 12 uur geleden
my favorite emote Ska-Stral-trrrestrial👽
Walker 13 uur geleden
This kid is awesome and I'd honestly game with him
Sn34k 13 uur geleden
It will come true again when thanos is released in the item shop. A renew dream come true
LightningFC 13 uur geleden
The voice is amazing
Finlay Cleland
Finlay Cleland 13 uur geleden
Thanks for all the leaks and funny moments!
Lucas Masson
Lucas Masson 13 uur geleden
I don’t mind but I mostly like the PS4
Angelyna Chaves
Angelyna Chaves 14 uur geleden
All of You will be remembered 😭😢😣😖😟😔😞☹️🥺😩🙁 🙏
Aj 14 uur geleden
Just came back For some nostalgia😢
Huzaifa Asif
Huzaifa Asif 14 uur geleden
Adam 4965
Adam 4965 14 uur geleden
If it was Dababy doing the concert, it would be a dream come true
Jarvo2007 14 uur geleden
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers 14 uur geleden
Maybe Drake
Joel 15 uur geleden
Please. That the concert be of Alan Walker
Froggy Dios
Froggy Dios 15 uur geleden
Da baby
Killian Anderson
Killian Anderson 15 uur geleden
This guy is the Daily Dose of Internet of the Fortnite world!
S5 Mystic
S5 Mystic 15 uur geleden
If it’s da baby I want a wrap that goes on the car so we can drive da baby convertable
Godlexx btw
Godlexx btw 15 uur geleden
I applied my video but i never get picked up :'(
X2 ORO 15 uur geleden
the guy who went in the hay bale predicted ufos and abductions
Fabián Nuñez
Fabián Nuñez 16 uur geleden
That Skeleton 💀 is flying like Superman 😃: 4:59
Goyo the legend
Goyo the legend 16 uur geleden
Columba Sanchez
Columba Sanchez 16 uur geleden
That reminds me the zapatron
Grün 17 uur geleden
please make call of duty content again, i miss it
JowkaL 17 uur geleden
Lewis Chen
Lewis Chen 17 uur geleden
The voice surprised me
Vytlo 17 uur geleden
I was watching a video that had Jigglypuff in it and suddenly had the urge to come back to these
Gotch4 17 uur geleden
would be sick if juice wrld was there tho