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In today's new Fortnite update video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and more! Can we smash 15,000 likes for Episode 1204 Tomorrow?
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Here's Episode 1202 of Fortnite Funny Moments if you haven't seen it!
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Meme God
Meme God 19 dagen geleden
Use code bcc in the itemshop
Robin van der Drift
Robin van der Drift 26 dagen geleden
6:40 finally jesus has come back its a miracle
PCgamingBacon Maand geleden
0:55 is what you are looking for! Hope I could help 🙂
NoScopeFN Maand geleden
Lol no likes for u
Kix Maand geleden
4:20 whaaaat im the wonder skin and my friend is the skull. btw he have every og skin
Gonzalez Navarro
Gonzalez Navarro Maand geleden
No era la llama en el portal como apacere a la imajen del video! Era que la avía visto desde el lovi i eso no es nuevo 👎
juandiego perez
juandiego perez Maand geleden
Hello you are so cool
ThaBoss302 Maand geleden
1:04 is what ur here for... that first guy died bc he didn’t use code BCC so you better use it!
Oscar Andres Luna Martínez
nice video
Rypz Maand geleden
4:09 my clip
Janzel Roman
Janzel Roman Maand geleden
10 mil congratulaciones
Fortnite Clips Daily
Fortnite Clips Daily Maand geleden
iinkw Maand geleden
فيه عربي؟
Khaled Dz
Khaled Dz Maand geleden
Patrick Abadir
Patrick Abadir Maand geleden
I watched one of them on TikTok!
Nacho Rodríguez
Nacho Rodríguez Maand geleden
6:35 eso me pasó a mi 😭😭😭😭
٠٠ Maand geleden
Who can give me skin i don't have any skin
dario corona castillo
dario corona castillo Maand geleden
the papiblast look the llama 3,000 rarest llama
SMACKEZZ Maand geleden
Melanie Woods
Melanie Woods Maand geleden
Why was there someone using new stuff but using broken performance mode like when it was mobile graphics 🤔
Gabriel rosales
Gabriel rosales Maand geleden
You should do rocket league
Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent Maand geleden
0:55 is what you came here for! Use Code BCC in the item shop!
MIKKIS KLIPIT Maand geleden
X-Lord_XD 98
X-Lord_XD 98 Maand geleden
Put my video you Quasont
باسم الحربي
باسم الحربي Maand geleden
Matte.8 Maand geleden
bro change your intro is bad
NRH Jaba
NRH Jaba Maand geleden
No way I got first video again!!!!
GOT- German Online Tutorials
Fun fact: everyone read your comment when You say fun fact.
Kaan Hantal
Kaan Hantal Maand geleden
0:08 bruh moment 🤣
おにばか Maand geleden
1:05Nice riacshon
おにばか Maand geleden
Khaled Dz
Khaled Dz Maand geleden
Bob The builder
Bob The builder Maand geleden
If I was the guy laughing I would do a poo
Saltadora.fortnite. ofc5
@Fortnite 1 color in superheros
plxco-_- blade
plxco-_- blade Maand geleden
4:44 No way!!!! That default with the reaper pickaxe was me
nolan_is_lost Maand geleden
that’s sick
Gregory Sison
Gregory Sison Maand geleden
1:00 he found the llama use code bcc
Vyse_domo Maand geleden
I made it to BCC Mom I was the one to find the llama :)
Tacemiko Maand geleden
Its called cheater, not super rare Llama find
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ
☯️sKitZoBonKa ツ Maand geleden
6:00 glorious 😈👌🏼
Polaroid Maand geleden
Sam Cummins
Sam Cummins Maand geleden
Fun fact : the fortnite season 5 live event is happening next tuesday but theres not time for it to happen. That's right this event is a solo event. A server with you and you only. In this event when you log into fortnite at the start of the season you can play threw the event yourself in a solo server.
GodjaikulOP Gaming
GodjaikulOP Gaming Maand geleden
I liked cuz I liked and I couldn’t play galactus event :)
Alph.4 Maand geleden
6:36 keep on getting that glitch in arena
Óscar Xicohtencatl
Óscar Xicohtencatl Maand geleden
0:54 is what you came for Remember to use code BCC in the item shop
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha Maand geleden
Who watchin in 2056
Spraycandan_Alt Maand geleden
0:56 is what u came for use code BCC in the fortnite item shop!
LSK MEEK Maand geleden
Love ur clip didn't go in
Tj Sims
Tj Sims Maand geleden
0:07 Honestly in the very first one he could of simply built and prevented that from happening
dreivix360 Maand geleden
I think this is my favorite clip jaja. It is brilliant 3:01
Florian Müller
Florian Müller Maand geleden
Best fortnite channel
Woken Maand geleden
0:58 is what u came for :)
henrry stickmin
henrry stickmin Maand geleden
That arch: I'm about end this and whole game
Nilton Sorto
Nilton Sorto Maand geleden
0:20 he sounds like blaza
Leo Xd
Leo Xd Maand geleden
1:01 super fakeeee fakeeee
ta na hora
ta na hora Maand geleden
O pé 🦶 faz assim ❓, mãozinha 🖐️🤏 pro 🐦 AR 🍃💨, balança ⚖️📳 o pescoço 👤 pra lá 👉 e pra cá 👈!
Inigo Nicholas-Wright
Inigo Nicholas-Wright Maand geleden
coolBAMtheman Maand geleden
Bcc you should’ve made a video today about epic on Twitter posting information about season 6, he posted a leaked picture of the zero point for season 6, he also said that there will be a SOLO live event on the begging of season 6.
Eloks04 Maand geleden
3:08 Best 1000 iq
SHXDO Maand geleden
4:30 baby gingy🤣
Santiago Iman
Santiago Iman Maand geleden
Fun act: i wish the next season i get 6,000 arena points
Curiel Justin
Curiel Justin Maand geleden
(5:40) Thats some insane karma right there. Now that it's in BCC, that person is just sitting in shame.
NotDreamYT :3
NotDreamYT :3 Maand geleden
S1Y MrZeroX710
S1Y MrZeroX710 Maand geleden
I think it funny that all the lost connection is on ps controllers rarely on Xbox controllers
filipp wtf
filipp wtf Maand geleden
0:55 is what you came for also i forgot to mention use code BCC in the fortnite item shop
Rita - Only Fans - Free
3:58 don’t tell anyone tells the whole of bcc lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
FaZe_Sway Maand geleden
amazing !!!!
DV nano
DV nano Maand geleden
use code bcc gaming in the fortnite item shop this man makes great content everyday for us its only fair
NRC Maand geleden
Karma :D 5:42
المناله الوره
NRC Maand geleden
You are the best one!! :D Use code ''BCC'' in the fornite store And subscribe!! Keep going ;D
Free -Only Fans- Enjoy
Wow I forgot I was still subbed to this I used to play 28 years qgo 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
DoraOnDrugs Maand geleden
MMS ElectrickVFX
MMS ElectrickVFX Maand geleden
Bruh how do u see that
Parham Ebrahimi
Parham Ebrahimi Maand geleden
DaStupidBot Maand geleden
3:38 happened to me only there was one guy left and we were in a fight
collarkyle Maand geleden
I wa sthe 4000 to like the video
Cycat37 [TeamDayex]
Cycat37 [TeamDayex] Maand geleden
Naaa eso no es buscar llamas, el que lo hace bien es PapiBlast
Dozer Cc
Dozer Cc Maand geleden
0:55 is what you came for hit that like button and use code bcc
Joao Apolinário
Joao Apolinário Maand geleden
BCC 2018😌
Manchester عاي
Manchester عاي Maand geleden
3:58 don’t tell anyone tells the whole of bcc lol 😂
Ryan C
Ryan C Maand geleden
I posted the clip on reddit lol so technically I’m a snitch :(
ZamFran xd
ZamFran xd Maand geleden
Amazing history bro 4:38
Sercrazy Maand geleden
Why is bcc gaming losing subs? 😔😔
kustomkicks Maand geleden
You came for 0:55 don’t forget to subscribre and use code BCC in the item shop
Ur uncle
Ur uncle Maand geleden
Was ist das?
Was ist das? Maand geleden
Nah I got lama on zero point
Xristos.L Maand geleden
slsj ome
slsj ome Maand geleden
what is your religion
SwordsLazer Maand geleden
0:55 is what you came for Be sure to use code BCC in the item shop :)
DC_ RexProxer
DC_ RexProxer Maand geleden
Kitsuneeeee's skinnn
Xd JoeyRey9
Xd JoeyRey9 Maand geleden
0:19 WhAt iS ThAt
Fabio Jardim
Fabio Jardim Maand geleden
3:11 that was lit
Pavel Pazourek
Pavel Pazourek Maand geleden
:35 they acted so happy but it took them a while
Nautica G
Nautica G Maand geleden
Im suprised u guys still make these vids
shir cohen
shir cohen Maand geleden
Soy Rodrickツ
Soy Rodrickツ Maand geleden
0:54 is what you came for!! Please Use Code BCC in the item shop❤❤❤
Saima Malik
Saima Malik Maand geleden
0:21 if you want to use a code so use code BBC
Tami Broide
Tami Broide Maand geleden
כל מי שישראלי שיכתוב לי תגובה
Tami Broide
Tami Broide Maand geleden
מישהו פה ישראלי
عبدو GG axz
عبدو GG axz Maand geleden
وين العرب ههههههههههههه ربنا يسعد و يحفظ الكل يارب
Ahmed 12
Ahmed 12 Maand geleden
Flux FN
Flux FN Maand geleden
Flux FN
Flux FN Maand geleden
@Frelin Portillo i dont know
Frelin Portillo
Frelin Portillo Maand geleden
What graphics card do u have or your pc specs?
Flux FN
Flux FN Maand geleden
@Bongo KittyOfficial thanks
Bongo KittyOfficial
Bongo KittyOfficial Maand geleden
Grats man
CRIX X Maand geleden
Jack Buster
Jack Buster Maand geleden
Me: yay im gonna be first 2 unskippable adds: I don’t think so...
Tami Broide
Tami Broide Maand geleden
No way
Daniel Hick
Daniel Hick Maand geleden
Lil Leia
Lil Leia Maand geleden
We are so close to season 16
مستر الحسن
مستر الحسن Maand geleden
حيو الي جايين بدري 🤦🏻‍♂️ صح هنا انقليزي