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In today's new Fortnite update video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and more! Can we smash 15,000 likes for Episode 1210 Tomorrow?
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علاء حمزه
علاء حمزه 10 dagen geleden
سوح اصلى
سوح اصلى 23 dagen geleden
MIKKIS KLIPIT 28 dagen geleden
Fing Film
Fing Film 28 dagen geleden
2:07 i know the chest name BUNKER CHEST
Karl O’Donnell
Karl O’Donnell 29 dagen geleden
I got 2 wins with in 3 days into the season 6 😎🤫🤔🤭
BenReal YT
BenReal YT 29 dagen geleden
0:25 This is what you came for! 😜 make sure you use BCC in the item shop. 🖤
Papi rico Loco
Papi rico Loco 29 dagen geleden
salisali salisali
salisali salisali 29 dagen geleden
hi Flow SwiftKey
Sebastian Andrei Stoica
Sebastian Andrei Stoica 29 dagen geleden
7:16 this is why they did not want somebody that can shoot bullets out of his hand
The clicbait 😔
Islam gamer
Islam gamer Maand geleden
What name of two sounds that always start at background during the video and are them have copy right or not
Its Jisus
Its Jisus Maand geleden
Robert Tydlitat
Robert Tydlitat Maand geleden
No way
Do you know where I can find these chests 2:02
michael williams
michael williams Maand geleden
fortnite basically has realm royale guns now
Rifat Jalal Khan
Rifat Jalal Khan Maand geleden
I found the epic chest
Hydrax 府
Hydrax 府 Maand geleden
Somehow I got it for free
Dayshon Ross
Dayshon Ross Maand geleden
Yep..Paradise palms is coming back, that's how you know it! 1:50
Know No Name
Know No Name 18 dagen geleden
JoeFL96 Maand geleden
Thanks for the feature at 7:52!
Gracelyn Ramos
Gracelyn Ramos Maand geleden
I found the treasure chest cause i had the visulize soun fft
Gracelyn Ramos
Gracelyn Ramos Maand geleden
Sound effect*
Adrian Malinowski
Adrian Malinowski Maand geleden
where are the chickens?
Kyle Horen
Kyle Horen Maand geleden
Fortnite as copied Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for this season...
wholesoman606 Maand geleden
Andrew Firth
Andrew Firth Maand geleden
Least there’s no snipers which means there’s less trick shot clips, with the guy going ‘let’s gooooo’ like he’s the best player ever 😂 how sad
Ghost 69 Years ago
Ghost 69 Years ago Maand geleden
it's not even bcc gaming anymore, it's bcc fortnite
HeyitsmeUzi Maand geleden
Season 6 HYPE!
Fedde Lepetit & Maxime Gremua
2:04 Ive already got one
yeetxxgameryt Maand geleden
im yet to play this season tmrw
Snipersavage21 Maand geleden
Now ur doing fortnite? Unsubscribed
Today News
Today News Maand geleden
Finally 👉lockdown👈 will back in India😀😀
Jose Madden
Jose Madden Maand geleden
Realm Royale videzz
plxco-_- blade
plxco-_- blade Maand geleden
Fun fact: BCC's first channel was called "BCC trolling"
Adrian _ Gameplays
Adrian _ Gameplays Maand geleden
El clip en el minuto 3:10 no es verdad por que hay neumáticos en la construcción
T-800 Maand geleden
At 3:05 that guy shouldn't have said that
Splaty Boi
Splaty Boi Maand geleden
If u get 1 bone 2 meats and go to meat at craft u get a thing that lets u tame animals just go close to them don’t take damage or it’ll be gone but it has a 10 second recharge goodluck taming animals
Stryker Maand geleden
What is Fortnite coming too. I quit because it was pointless
Trigs Inc
Trigs Inc Maand geleden
honestly unsure why anything from before ch 2 s 6 is even in this video, boring and dont care anymore
Sebastian Maand geleden
what skin is that at 3:09!?!
Plixiy 15 dagen geleden
@Sebastian from the bounty gamemode, an style for al skins (that they looks like agents)
Sebastian 15 dagen geleden
@Plixiy what is that fake edit style
Plixiy 27 dagen geleden
Chapter 2 Saison 1 Battle Pass
InTENsE-Skillz Maand geleden
Skill based is ruining this game, it’s even worse this season.
Somebody Maand geleden
3:28 its obvious he did that on purpose just to be on BCC
CrustyDusty Maand geleden
I got a legendary pump when I talked to an npc if I submit it would you guys take it ???
henrry stickmin
henrry stickmin Maand geleden
Hey bcc can I be the first Nintendo switch player to upload a clip of season 6
Phasinthrugames Maand geleden
I want goin to watch these because I wanted to explore myself but then I remembered BCC IS THE EXPLORING AND IT HELPS ALOT
Gavin_Playz YEET
Gavin_Playz YEET Maand geleden
This is so cool lol
centurionFN Maand geleden
I hate ryu he killed peely😭😢
2:24 much likes
that one guy without milk
Hey bcc you know the secret room with the music in steamy stacks It has the new chest in it now
Demoncruiser Maand geleden
Can’t wait for chicken trickshots
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Maand geleden
Why can't the pump look like the old one back in the days
AgDriven12 Maand geleden
This season is more confusing than season 5, but we'll get used to that once we know a lot of things.
Fabián Nuñez
Fabián Nuñez Maand geleden
It serves to fly by grabbing the Chicken 🐔 like Superman 😃: 0:55
27Khaos Maand geleden
This season reminds me of Legends of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
XXangel XX
XXangel XX Maand geleden
So cool i love the girl skins!
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson Maand geleden
3:23 It just annoying when a boss dances on u
TheRollingDawg Maand geleden
When I saw my clip at first I was confused them remembered I submitted it. The video is on my YT 6:06
Long-arm-boy Maand geleden
Why does the stink fish have to be a blob fish
Irinej Đuković
Irinej Đuković Maand geleden
Ohhhhh, I we like to pres a like Burton, yeah But you know, I don't play this season🤔
Geoswervo YT
Geoswervo YT Maand geleden
0:48 is what you came for! Remember to stay safe and use you BCC in the fornite item shop!
RBG Orbit
RBG Orbit Maand geleden
Ok if you are wondering how to get the mythic boots you land at the new poi at weeping woods then you will see a boss that drops a weird looking orb thing. You pick it up and follow where it points then put it in and get the mythic!
Mohammad Abaan
Mohammad Abaan Maand geleden
7:08 Hadougun
Naheed Iftikhar
Naheed Iftikhar Maand geleden
Everyone: talking about how there are animals in the game now Me: sharks were always in the game
ToxicAD Maand geleden
Can you guys check out my latest Fortnite montage pls and thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🔥
Axxel Trevizo
Axxel Trevizo Maand geleden
If you hold the chicken and fall u glide
WannaDJ - Fortnite Gameplays
Thanks for featuring me!
lian almanza
lian almanza Maand geleden
Hola kaka
Andy Miramontes Pichon
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow im going to get a cat at petsmart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Belal Zaghloul
Belal Zaghloul Maand geleden
i already miss season 5
CoXx SuperNoob 9
CoXx SuperNoob 9 Maand geleden
0:55 zelda moment:
Faisal Qaituqa
Faisal Qaituqa Maand geleden
0:20 This is what you came for! Make sure to use code bcc in the item shop!!!!
DAAN BANAAN Maand geleden
I already have the win glider. You can see it on my NLblock Chanel
Autumn Lewis
Autumn Lewis Maand geleden
Manqoba Mafu
Manqoba Mafu Maand geleden
Remember when Fortnite used to be simple but cool?
Drake Nelson
Drake Nelson Maand geleden
mxrrice Maand geleden
You came here for 0:21! Remember to use code bcc In the item shop! 😎
Blutz Maand geleden
This game gets dumber every season 🤡
Arshia.rooney10 Arshia
So dont play that / you garbage
Mustard Leader10
Mustard Leader10 Maand geleden
I have a clip of me taking a rift fish and carrying my friend so we can get to circle
Eternal_L3gend Maand geleden
Who else is hyped about season 6. Don’t for get to like and subscribe and use code bcc
Aaron Perdomo Carranza
whats your favorite thing from this season
*ZoBros* Maand geleden
Worst seasson 💁
Christian B
Christian B Maand geleden
Is it just me or did Fortnite mess up what the terminator skin looks like
Bean gameing
Bean gameing Maand geleden
Xbox has lots of lag
Cubement Improvement
Cubement Improvement Maand geleden
2:47 so nolstalgic lol
JoshhBeKillin -
JoshhBeKillin - Maand geleden
typa game is this \
DARE Maand geleden
deep clout
deep clout Maand geleden
I will now have an army of wolves
Logan Smith
Logan Smith Maand geleden
Fortnite is dead
Nitro Pug
Nitro Pug Maand geleden
Fun fact: get a chicken and jump on the guardian of the forest thing and you go far
skinny runner Fc
skinny runner Fc Maand geleden
i found one of those chests the new one
Patrick McNamara
Patrick McNamara Maand geleden
chickens are a reference to legend of zelda, so we may see link come to the game i think
Jeff The great
Jeff The great Maand geleden
5:10 season 2 throwback
TYtyhespeedster Maand geleden
yo 5:15 is so mad
LEKS GAMING Maand geleden
Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying the new season, the PUMP IS BACK!! And loads more. Use code BCC in item shop
S_VV_5 سفخ
S_VV_5 سفخ Maand geleden
Axl Galicia
Axl Galicia Maand geleden
Blue Ril
Blue Ril Maand geleden
Sick thanks for update
Trash Gamer
Trash Gamer Maand geleden
4:55 thanks bcc!
Ezz bilu
Ezz bilu Maand geleden
Polacy jesteście tu jak wam się podoba nowy sezon ?🥇👍💥🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Ezz bilu
Ezz bilu Maand geleden
@Ela Chełmieniewicz dzięki za odpowiedź
Ela Chełmieniewicz
Ela Chełmieniewicz Maand geleden
fajny jest
1ost Maand geleden
Battle royale is slowly becoming save the world
William Gonzalez
William Gonzalez Maand geleden
BCC do a face reveal
Wazza THFC
Wazza THFC Maand geleden
New guns?
Funniest Moments in Gaming!
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